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What constitutes a work? How to protect a work? What to do with it?
We help pick up the right trail in the thickets of copyrights.

Copyright protects a work that constitutes any individual creative effort embodied in any form,
regardless of its value, purpose or means of expression. As no registration or fee is required it is
very easy to acquire copyright, which cannot be said, however, of proving the holding the
copyright, hence the popularity of industrial property rights system.
To be regarded as work, an intangible asset must meet the following requirements:

  • be created by man (a natural creation may not be considered work);
  • be embodied in any form – allow the presentation of the work to persons other than the author (fixed, oral etc.);
  • be a creative effort – a new creation of the intellect, not a copy of the existing ones.

The versatility of PORAJ Law and Patent Office and the originality and ingenuity of solutions
tailored to the needs of the Customers and the market help us offer our Customers a wide range
of services related to copyrights:

  • advice, giving opinion on copyright-related matters;
  • drafting agreements regarding copyrights and the disposal thereof;
  • conducting measures to protect copyrights;
  • handling lawsuits regarding copyrights and personal rights.


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