PORAJ Law and Patent Office was established in 1991 by Jerzy Chrzanowski, a patent agent who, during the Polish and world transformations of the 90s, noticed the growing demand for in-depth knowledge of intellectual property rights protection.

For more than 25 years now we’ve been successfully solving our Clients’ problems

It is thanks to it that today we can take pride in considerable achievements in the fields of industrial property and intellectual property rights. It is reflected not only by a significant number of trademark protection rights,  rights of the industrial design registration, patents and utility design protection rights obtained by our Clients, but disputes concerning the infringement of intellectual property, concluded in favour of our Clients.

The protection of intellectual property is a wide area, extending far beyond dry legal regulations. To fully support our Clients, we at PORAJ Law and Patent Office strive to learn about the aspects of innovative technologies, broadly understood design and marketing, without which knowledge one cannot effectively exercise one’s rights in the present-day course of trade.

We believe that the best results are achieved by interdisciplinary teams, and therefore such is the team we form. We do not follow fixed patterns of a single area: it helps us in our search for simple and accurate solutions. Having many years of experience in the world of changing technologies and trends, we remember about our tradition.

Our team believes in choosing optimum solutions and in complex approach to problems of our Clients.

We offer a wide range of instruments: from any type of patent search, to obtaining exclusive rights in Poland and worldwide as well as advice on and valuation of intangible assets, to the protection of your rights in disputes.

For your convenience we also offer additional services, such as image processing in line with standards applied by patent offices, archive search or translation.


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